• VJ Loops & Immersive Visuals

Moving Image Media for Performances, Venues, Media Facades and Beyond

The VJ Loop Zone experience is simple– add video clips to your cart, checkout and download them. All clips are sold as one-offs or mini-packs. Combine clips with others in your collection for impactful sequences and layers, or process them further in your video applications.

All loops are seamless or semi-seamless. Clips labelled 'semi-seamless' use image processing techniques that don't allow for perfect loops, but incorporate rhythmic patterns or longer durations that obscure the loop points for the audience.

Ambient video clips usually require crossfades for smother looping and progress over longer durations. These come in silent or audiovisual varieties, with the latter providing an accompanying ambient soundtrack.

Bespoke media services are also available. Queries should be directed by messaging to the Facebook page.

All Visuals by Myk Eff

At the heart of VJ Loop Zone media is a passion for electronic music and large scale immersive spectacles. As a musician who makes his own music videos, the same love of synthesis and media design extends from sonic into visual realms.